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Manual Eject for Xbox 360 DVD Drives

 Copyright Notice: All rights reserved Copyright 2005 Llamma Corp.  This document and associated photos and all content at llamma.com may not be reproduced without written permission from the author(s).  This means you may not re-post at another site, sell these documents on eBay or reproduce in any form.  Our articles are written with the intention of them being read at our site.  Feel free to link and use any one photo from any of our articles for the purpose of linking. 

From time to time you may find yourself with an Xbox 360 that will no longer power on or eject properly with an all important game stuck in the drive.  Here is a quick solution to retrieving it without the need to void your warranty by opening your console.

You will need a paperclip that has been bent straight.

Remove your 360 faceplate, you should now see something similar to this.

Each drive behaves a little differently so we will need to identify the version of drive.  If you have already determined the version of DVD drive that is in your console based on the tray you can skip the peek through hole #3 method to follow. 

To figure out what drive you have look to hole #3 if you see:

Circuit board and red wire= Samsung Black plastic divot = Hitachi White wires and empty space = Benq


Toshiba/Samsung- This one is a lever and pretty hard to miss, when you hit it, it will go in about a 1/2 inch and then you will feel some resistance, keep pushing and the tray will begin moving out. (Thanks Kelendral for the tip our previous advice is below, our method works but yeah Kelendral's way is much easier)
Go after hole number 1 inside is a gear that needs to be spun from left to right.  This is one of the more difficult ones if you haven't already done one in the past.  It takes four pokes if you are hitting it just right and there are plenty of opportunities to miss the spot.  If you are not hitting anything at all aim left. If you feel you are hitting the gear but it only moves an 1/8th inch aim a little higher.  You should be finding a spot that moves about a 1/4 inch per poke with minimal resistance
Hitachi- Go after hole number 1 this one is a lever and pretty hard to miss, when you hit it, it will go in about a 1/2 inch and then you will feel some resistance, keep pushing and the tray will begin moving out.
Benq-  Go after hole number 2, this one is pretty easy but requires a firm hand and a beefy paper clip.  The hole in the drive is tapered so it guides the clip to the right spot.  The first prod will have some resistance as the gear begins spinning you will then feel the paperclip stop or slip past.  Go for the second prod, again some pretty hefty resistance but the gear will spin an the tray will pop open.  If you seem to be missing the spot you are probably aiming to the right try to get it straight in or a bit to the left

In all instances once the drive has partially opened grab the tray and gently pull it out.



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