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XCM360 Wireless Controller Shell Installation.

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06/09/08 Use these instructions for any of the XCM controller shells, clear, chrome, green or any of the others!  You may notice you have a different revision of circuit board than the one pictured in step 11 below.  Check out the following photos to make the XCM shells work with the newer revision of 360 wireless controller PCB.

From step 11 of the instructions below you will see the wiring for the classic 360 wireless PCB.  Check out the positioning of the black and white wires.  Black on top white on the bottom.
The newer revision of PCB sports the MS logo in the center as opposed to on the lower right. More important to this installation the right triggers voltage and potentiometer are reversed.  In this photo we see the black and white wires reversed, white on top and black on bottom
WirelessShellUpdate 007.jpg (49779 bytes) I had to add a photo of the lights on and working for good measure, yes it really works on the new version of PCB!


 Instructions begin...

1 - Open the Xbox 360 wireless battery. Use the screw driver that is included to take off the 7 screws.
2 - Seperate the two sections of controller.
3 - Unscrew the 2 screws as indicated in the diagram.
4 - As indicated in the diagram, use the screw driver to apply pressure to the area indicated.
5 - Remove the parts as displayed in the diagram.
6 - As Indicated, follow the step by step instructions to remove the Xbox 360 RT and LT buttons.
7 - RT and LT buttons that are already disassembled.
8 - RT and LT buttons as to be installed.
9 - Install RT and LT buttons separately.
10 - Install the directional keys onto the XCM chromed controller case and install the screws as indicated.
11 - Solder the LED wire to the location as indicated.
12 - Fit the PCB as snugly to the case as possible.
13 - Put on the XCM chrome controller bottom piece. Install the 7 screws. Finally, install the battery.
14 - Installation Completed!
  15 - The on off button will turn on or off the LED inside the XCM 360 chromed wireless controller case.

XCM 360 Chromed Controller Case Installation (For wired Controller)

1 - Use the screw driver included in the kit to unscrew all 7 screws.

2 - As shown in the diagram, disassemble the Xbox 360ís controller.
3 - Unscrew the 2 screws as seen in the diagram.
4 - As shown in the diagram, put the screw driver in the location as indicated.
5 - Disassemble parts as indicated.
6 - As shown, disassemble the XBOX 360 RT and LT button separately.
7 - RT button and LT button as shown.
8 - Prepare to install RT and LT buttons.
9 - As indicated in the diagram, please follow the instructions to install RT and LT buttons.
10 - Put the directional keys in the controller case. Install the screws and plastics.
11 - Solder the LED wires onto the locations as indicated.
12 - Put the XCM chromed controller case on and install the 7 screws as shown.
13 - Installation complete!
14 - The Light switch as shown can be used to turn the LEDs on and off.

These instructions duplicated from TeamXtender.com


Xbox 360 3 Red Light Repair Kit

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