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11/29/05 -  Pimp box 360 is born.  When we were chomping at the bit to get our 360's we already had a good idea of what we     wanted to do.  Once we got them in our hands we knew a few things were going to need some change.

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I was excited for and expecting delivery of not only a superior gaming machine but also a top notch media device.  Lets call our apples we will compare it with first gen Xbox's modded with XBMC and a hard drive.  Anyone familiar with the Xbox media center project is probably not very satisfied with the media capabilities of the 360.   All of the credit for that statement which itself is very grand itself IMO goes to all of the people over at sourceforge who work for noting but maybe some self gratification. Yes the visualization is pimp and the dashboard is polished but there is a major deal breaker in my opinion which is the basis for on of the mods done. The complete lack of a means to deliver YOUR content to the Xbox 360's hard drive means right off the bat that even though it can play "media", it is NOT a complete media device at present.  Sure you can download stuff from Live to the hard drive (at a price for most) or you can rip a CD to it.. yippee, let me drag my thousand CD collection out AGAIN (even though I already have them all in MP3).. doh!  I only have 20GB to work with, never mind.  You cannot copy data from a portable device, network or other locations to the factory hard drive either.  Larger hard drive space was my main goal before launch and it quickly became larger hard drive space that I can put MY content on.  I was also disappointed with the presentation of your media to you via the dashboard interface.  I am sure I'm not the only one with a highly organized music collection that it exactly how I like it.  When viewing it via the Xbox dashboard it displays the artist, genre, song filtered views which would make a mess out of the already organized file structure even if you actually could get it on the factory 360 drive.  With the addition of a internal 60GB that can be connected via USB to your PC so you can have 60 gig of your mp3, wma's and photos.  The best part is when viewing the contents via the "portable device" applet you get a actual file view which is exactly what I wanted.  Problem solved.  Now if it would just play more media formats/codec's.. that's a whole other story!

Another area addressed in this mod is the heat issues that people have been reporting.  When I first powered on my 360 it sounded all quiet at first.  Then I put a game in and all of the sudden it got louder by ten fold.  At first I thought it was a combination of fan speed increase and DVD drive. Metering things inside the box I found that the fan speed is not dynamic based on when a game is playing or not.. and more notably a overwhelming majority of the noise was from the DVD drive.  I also found that the fan was running at a lower than expected 5.5V.  As some of you may remember the Xbox 1 fan ran at 7V but the fan was capable of 12V.  I am sure Microsoft had an entire team working to determine the optimal fan voltage based on airflow / noise.  What I am unsure of is if they actually had a game to play in their testing box.  If they did they might have came to the same conclusion as I that there was a little more room for a higher fan speed without getting to much louder.   A little tweaking and we can run those bad boys at 12V resulting in considerably more air flow.

Lighting mod's were a given.. We knew we had to have a blue ring of light and power button to go with the blue paint.  Adding a window and a blue cathode was sure to set it off.  That may have been easier than getting the case apart :).  As you may have seen on the news page we modded a universal 360 remote with a matching paint job and replace the green LED's with blue also.  That's it as far as lights go.

Painting proves to be the most tedious job of them all when it comes to the 360.  If you want it to turn out great you must disassemble the entire thing down to individual parts.  Including removing the plastic welds holding the USB door and power button to the faceplate.  We painted the power button, controller sync button, memory doors, USB door, fan shroud, top and bottom grills and the USB hard drive caddy with a super brilliant silver.  The rest was painted with Yamaha R1 basecoat (the motorcycle for those that don't know).  It has to be one of the most beautiful blue's I have ever seen.   We used PPG's best grade automotive basecoat and clearcoat so its sure to stay looking sexy for years to come!!

Keep an eye out in our Xbox 360 Mods section for tutorials for all of the mod's done to this xbox. 




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