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Controller Cord Repair

Fix your broken Xbox controller cord.

Page on Replacing Cord Available Here

My dog ate my controller cable!!!  I hear this about once a month.  Benjie was kind enough to shoot some photos of the repair process. (No pun intended the guys name is Benjie)

Cut away the chewed, or otherwise damaged portion of cord.  Strip back the insulation a couple of inches.

Remove the shielding but leave a half inch or so to we can patch that back with some tinfoil later.
Strip a quarter inch of the wires and tin them with solder, notice the differing lengths in this picture.
  By keeping the joints separated the chance of the wires shorting is reduced significantly.   
This also allows your patch to be smaller in width since the electrical tape is 
spread out further and not in a single area.
Solder them together and wrap each individually with electrical tape
Repeat for each wire

Tape the whole bundle together

Wrap the bundle in tinfoil and make sure to make contact with the tinfoil and remaining shielding,
 the shielding helps cut down on interference.
Wrap the whole mess in electrical tape, use enough  to make it as solid as possible 
so it does not bend, this reduces the chances of having to open it back up again to re-repair.





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